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English Shayari

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You Change Your Life By Changing Your Heart.

Life Is Never Easy For Those Who Dream......!!!

Sometimes The Wrong Person Teach Us The Right Lessons In Life...

The Good Life Is One Inspired By Love And Guided By Knowledge.

A Good Life Is A Collection Of Happy Moments..

I Am Not Perfect.
I Am Limited Editions.

Love Your Haters,
They Are You Biggest Fans.

Genius By Birth,
Evil By Choice.

It Is Your Planning Which Give You Confidence To Go Ahead.


Don’t Judge Yourself With Others
Because You Are Different From Them.

Money and success don’t change people;
they merely amplify what is already there.

I don’t like to talk
About my situation
Because I know
If I talk, I’d cry

Lies never look cool,
Cheats never look beautiful

Not how long,
but how well
you have lived is the main thing

I can’t go back in the past
And change my wrong
But I can go in the future
And make life bright

Positive Imagination generates Positive Power
And Makes life better

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.
You really have to love yourself to get
anything done in this world.

That love is all there is,
Is all we know of love.

Love the art in yourself,
not yourself in the art.

I really don’t know what I love you
"means. I think it means"
Don’t leave me here alone.

Don't Worry About Those Who Talk Behind Your Back,
They're Behind Your For A Reason....

I'm Cool But Global Warming Made Me Hot...

Baby i am not 500 or 1000 rupees currency...
I will be with u forever…

I'm Not Special, I'm Just Limited Edition....

I Forgive But Never Forgot....!!!

I m a puzzle, which u can’t solve

I am “Awesome”
Don’t Question it…
Just deal with it….

I Don’t Believe in Flaunts,
I Actually Accept Them Who Come With Reality

I speak for what I see,
I stand for what I Believe.
I strive for what i want…

Save your feelings for,
Someone who cares

In every living thing there is the desire for love.

If you are happy with your work
Fuck what people think about you

No time for Fake and Negative People’s.


Take me as I am, not as you wish me to be.

Never share your secret with anybody
It will destroy you

Those who know me, never doubt me.
Those who doubt me, never knew me.

Be strong enough to let go,
But we smart enough to wait
For what you deserve

Never interrupt your enemy
When he is making a mistake

love is just like eating large amounts of chocolate.

Who said nights were for sleep?

Music is expression of harmony in sound.
Love is the expression of harmony in life.

Love is just a word until someone
comes along and gives it meaning.

I'm Poor, I Can't Pay Attention In Class Room.....!!!

Before You Judge Me,
Make Sure You Are Perfect..!

Tom N Jerry taught me that life is boring….
without ENEMY’S

Don’t be so quick to judge me after all
You only see what I choose to show you

Don’t worry my time is bad
But I will rise

Make your parents proud
your enemies jealous and yourself happy

Love is the great miracle cure.
Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.

Sometimes expecting the same
Love and care in return
Hurt a lot

Yes✔️, You have heard it Right,
“I have a Attitude of Smile..”

When your intentions are pure,
You don’t lose anyone.
People lose you

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