Best PUBG Attitude & Funny Status in English 2021

Best PUBG Attitude & Funny Status in English 2021

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Hey Baby! Be my AKM without any Scope,
Together We #Smash💥 the Whole Squad

I M The AKM Boy and Turn on the God Mode to Burst out the Enemy!

In PUBG, Every fool kill other fools for foolish Reasons !

PUBG Does Not Determine Who Is Right or Wrong -
Only Chicken Dinner and Winner Is Left.

I Don't need any Squad, I am SOLO enough to Destroy your Full Squad, Mind It.

It is Hard to Listen,
But I will Make your #Squad into a #Smash💣

In PUBG, It's Sound will Break your Heart, Called The Beast M24.

It is a World of Broken Hearts, It is PUBG.

I forgive you, Run as far as you Can, But my M24 Can't Forgiving You.

No One Can Stop Me, No One Can Beat Me I am the Unstoppable M249,
The Machine Gun

Listen, Who Desires to fight should first Count the Price of Death,
Because I am So #Dangerous😈

Don't Try to Mess with Me I am The Georgopol KING🔫👑

I Don't Care who is in front of me, I only Know to Destroy.

Reload your Gun Because I don't Give any Second Chance.

In PUBG I am always with a long Gun With an 8x
and no one Can Hide form Me as Far as they Can - The Pro Sniper Lover...

I will Kill your Squad Without any Sound Like Naked Gun With only Suppressor👿.

When no One Know me I got New Birth By SOUL/Mortal - The DP Lover.

We are PUBG lovers,❤️ we don’t need beautiful? we need battery full..?

Only Fun is to get one Flare Gun! 😂😅

8X Scope is King & Kar98 is Queen,
without each other they are Nothing! 😍💋😅

I Love to Fight, Only with my KAR98!😍💋😚

Legends of PUBG Sleeps at 2, 3, or 4 O'clock At Night! 😂😅

Avoid your enemy's strength & focus on the Weakness! 😂😎

PUBG is the game of Unexpected Situations!👺😅😈

When I get M416 I get Confidence to Fight against Enemies!😎😅😗

PUBG is the game of Reflexes!😎😅😗

PRO ≠ Professional, PRO = Perfection!

Pubg is not just a game, it’s about Emotions.✊✊

Yes! They’re PUBG players, not just because they play games??
but also because they stopped being fake?‍♂️?‍♂️

Pubg is like a true life partner,
it’ll make you happy even when you are at your darkest.❤️❤️

We fall, we break, we starve, and we overcome.

If I take your call ? during PUBG then ?
Mujhe nahi lagta tumhe iske aage aur kuchh samjhana padega

Any PUBG Gun with Suppressor can put your enemy in Depression

Kids go to School, Men Go to Military Base! 😂😅

Fun is When You have A Badass Gun!😎

Noobs go to Pochinki, Pro Goes to Georgopol!😂😅

Don't Play music in your car with Bass,
or else I'll shoot you AWM on your Ass!✌😅😎

Before Playing PUBG I always pray to PUBG GOD & Beg to Don't Lag!😂😅😏

Sometimes when you die you'll say, That Glitch is a B**ch!😂😅

Rule Of PUBG-Just Kill without any Mercy👿👿

AWM and M416 is MY new GIRLFRIEND

Pubg Is The Only Game, Where Vegetarian Also Enjoy Chicken Dinner

We're Crazy About Awm If The M24 Meets, We'll Forget Aug As Well.

Let's Quit It Janu Babu's Affair Come PUBG Play Together And Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Do

Whenever bad food is made in the hostel, we will play PUBG,
Finally, we will get Chicken Dinner!

PUBG is not just a game, it is a World.

We do not want to be the winner of any girl’s heart,
we just want to! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Legends never die, whether it is PUBG or any Game.

In PUBG, expect the unexpected!

if you think you are bad, then I’m your Dad.

Life was incomplete, until Pubg arrived!

I don’t always die when playing PUBG!

Don’t lie, but at the beginning, even the bot was better than you.!

Never heart someone who has AWM on PUBG.

I don’t need any Scope to Headshot on You!

My Favorite place to ride a Bike is Miramar.

I never liked Chicken, but not in PUBG my bro.

I never sleep without getting Chicken Dinner.

Sometimes we can’t eat Chicken (When it comes on PUBG)!

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